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Plans on Plans on Plans | How Having Multiple Marketing Plans Can Benefit Your Business

Photo of man standing at a white board drawing a flowchart with the title of the article over the top of it: Plans on Plans on Plans | How Having Multiple Marketing Plans Can Benefit Your Business

I can already hear the marketing world imploding at my mere suggestion that you would want more than one marketing plan. They'll tell you that you'll self sabotage and your focus won't be where it needs to be. But I must first implore you to hear me out before freaking out!

Marketing Plans Are Cool

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that we are huge proponents of having a living marketing plan to keep you focussed and help you measure your progress towards your goals. That has not changed. Your marketing plan is your compass at all times. By breaking down your target customer and company voice, your marketing initiatives become so much simpler and less headache inducing.

Now what if I told you, you should make multiple marketing plans?


Marketing Plans Are Hard... We Get It!

Marketing plans require a lot of time and focus. They tend to be tens of pages and are a truly collaborative effort, if not with a team than even with yourself.

But most of us have different products or different kinds of services that we offer. Each of these options deserves its own attention and most likely has its own audience.

We'll use Half and Half Creative as an example. We create content for small businesses, which you know by now. But what you may not know is that we also have a commercial side that does wedding invitations, family slideshows and even custom posters.

And this side of the business has a completely different demographic, different platforms they tend to be on and even different design aesthetics.

Therefore it deserves its own plan. How we market to people looking for a digital scrapbook is 100% different than how we would market to the small business looking to be rebranded. Someone looking for graduation photos is probably not seeking photographers out on LinkedIn just as a small business owner probably isn't Snapchatting.

That's Nice, But I Don't Want to Make Another Marketing Plan!

Again, we are on the same page. I totally hear ya! So here's what we suggest you do.

A One Sheet

Yes, that's it. One page. One page that breaks down your target audience, your platforms that you'll reach them on and a few goals/initiatives you'd like to have in the works.

That's it.

Forcing yourself to look at your range of products and services individually not only helps you understand your sales pitch more but also widens your marketing plan's effectiveness.

Break It Down!

Take the time to break it down. I promise you won't regret it.

If you ever need help or just want to brainstorm with a team in the same boat as you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We small business owners need to stick together!

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