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What Are You Looking At? | Why Infographics Are More Powerful Than Paragraphs

The irony is not lost on me that I am writing paragraphs to explain why infographics are a better way to display your content but I promise there is an infographic about infographics coming your way in a few days!

But first I have to convince you that infographics are a more effective marketing solution.

Sure there will always be instances where thoughts need to be delved into deeper so an in depth blog is a better solution but those topics are fewer and farther between.

Infographics have taken the internet over by storm in the last few years. They break the most complex ideas down into swallowable pieces of information and they're also quite nice to look at.

You have a higher chance of someone looking at your infographic and taking in the information rather than reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of text.

Here are some ideas of how you could try out infographics in your content marketing.


You can take the most complex of concepts and break them down into palatable content by making an infographic. A lot of us have businesses that, simply put, are complicated. These complicated concepts make it hard to explain to our customers what we do and why they need us. By being able to break down your capabilities for your audience, they'll be able to more easily understand how you add value to their lives.


Infographics are also a great way to tell a story. By breaking up a timeline into graphics and small blurbs of text you'll be able to convey your story easily to your audience. Keep them interested and wanting to learn more!


Another excellent use for infographics is to compare and contrast products or services (or anything for that matter). By being able to produce side by side comparisons your audience will be able to not only read about your advantages but visualize them as well.


We all love to know how things are made or done. Your audience is no exception. Pull back the curtain and show them how you build something or how you provide your service. 'How To' guides are awesome pieces of content and making them into an infographic means they're even more likely to be read and shared.


You don't have to necessarily make infographics about your business specifically. For example, if you're a pool technician you could create an infographic about pool safety this summer. This content, though not specific to your business, is relevant to a lot of people and thus will give people even more reason to share it. And when people share your content, they're driving up your brand recognition and directing more traffic to your website. Remember, you're wanting to be thought of as an expert in your field.

Still need convincing? Stay tuned for our Infographic on Infographics coming out this Thursday to see some hard numbers and statistics that will prove infographics are the way to go!

Needing infographics designed for you? Reach out to us here and find out how we can step up your content marketing!

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