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Going Up? | Why Every Employee Should Know The Elevator Pitch

Have you ever been at a gathering and asked the age old ice breaker, "So what do you do?" only to be met by a vague answer where you feel you probably know as much about the company they work for as they do? Well, what if that was your employee?

As a small business owner, decision maker or member of a sales team you are constantly perfecting your elevator pitch. The value added proposition that you can deliver in sixty seconds or less that answers the age old question, 'Why You?'

Well it's just as important that your employees and colleagues know the elevator pitch as it is that you know it.

In this post we're breaking down how having a business where everyone knows your value added proposition can increase your foothold in the marketplace. Stay tuned later this week, where we'll help you break down your elevator pitch and clean it up!

Why Everyone Should Know Your Pitch

1. Employee Buy In

The best kind of employee a business can have is an engaged one. I once had a job in a marketing department and half of my fellow employees I came in contact with didn't even know what we made. Problem. If every single one of your team members knows not only what you make but why your customer is choosing your business, they'll buy into your dream. And when employees believe in a product and a business, they'll work harder for you every time.

2. Walking Billboards

Going back to that age old ice breaker of asking someone what they do for a living, imagine all of the times you've been asked that question. Now imagine all of your employees being asked that same question in their daily lives as well. That's hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities for your team to be promoting your business. You never know who they're meeting at their co-ed softball games, family barbecues or child birthdays that could be your next sale. Make that answer easy for them by sharing your pitch.

3. Customer Experience

A customer can tell if you're even buying what your business is selling and that's true for every member on your team. Whether it's an auditor dealing with an accountant, a salesman being greeted by an administrative assistant or a customer speaking to an executive, you should always be focussed on providing a consistent and quality experience. When they have to do business with your company, they should know they're going to be taken care of.

4. Creating A Team

I know from experience that when a President or Owner of a business is presenting their graphs, numbers or projections, it doesn't mean much if employees aren't even sure what you really do in the first place. By actively engaging your team and getting them excited about your business, your work environment will be more of an innovative and open dialogue rather than a one sided presentation of the facts.

You're excited about what your business does and you know why you're the best for the job. So get your employees on board and have everyone help in selling your company's vision. This ensures not only a quality interaction with your customer but higher sales numbers as well!

As always, if you have any questions, need any design work done or need someone to bounce ideas off of, you can contact us here!

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