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Gather Around the Campfire | Telling Your Story through Marketing

People connect with people. That is why communicating why you do what you do is so essential to building a brand loyalty amongst your customers. Check out our handout this week to see a few ideas on how you can keep it personal when it comes to your marketing!

Infographic Title: Gather Around the Campfire | Telling Your Story through Marketing. Click link below for transcript of graphic

Transcript of Infographic

Title: Gather Around the Campfire

Sub-Title: Telling your story through marketing

Social Media:

  • Focus in on your voice. Come up with a distinct way of speaking to your audience that showcases your company's personality

  • Stay consistent so your community knows you're still active and available to them. Your community is your loyalty.

  • Interact with your audience and make it personal


  • Your logo and typeface can say a lot about you as a company

  • Sans serif fonts tend to be more cutting edge and modern, while serif fonts appear elegant and classic


  • Talk about things that you are passionate about. It will keep your interest and your audience's.

  • Create content that your key demographic will be interested in. Relevant content will be shared!

  • Talk about personal experiences and stories. Tell your story and be authentic.


  • Vlogging is a great way to show off your business and work environment without a ton of production work.

  • Video doesn't have to be expensive it just has to tell a story. Film interviews, production, or final user videos for a personal touch.

  • Keep your videos concise and to the point to ensure full viewership


  • Make your images and videos personal. If you rely on stock photos you will appear stale and unrelatable.

  • Take the time to make all of your ads and flyers look like you made an effort to creatively put them together. One bad template can give you an unprofessional appearance.

  • Make snapping photos a regular part of your day.

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