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Small Business - When Everyone's After Your Money!

Do you ever feel like everyone has their hand out?

Part of starting your own business is budgeting. In the beginning you work hard to gather funds. Whether you saved up money, took out a loan or found investors, you pushed yourself for every dollar you had in order to start your business.

But one of the first things you notice as a business owner is how many people have their hand out asking you for some of your money. Whether it’s paying fees to the bank, association dues or lawyer rates, there are always expenses you don’t account for and for every expense there’s a hundred people looking to sell you something else!

We understand.

Do you ever feel like you wear a million different hats?

Small business owners know what it’s like to work every job in the business. From turning on the lights in the morning, balancing the books before lunch, taking a online marketing seminar in the afternoon and sweeping up when everyone goes home, entrepreneurs have plenty of things that fill their day.

All of a sudden you find yourself a half expert in a lot of different areas. You can explain to someone what SEO means, you can recite worker’s comp regulations and you can even follow it up with how to fix the busted pipe in the back of the building.

Because of all of these responsibilities, time becomes your best and most scarce commodity.

We understand that too.

It’s More Important Than Ever to Find Services that Add Value to Your Business

No matter what you need done, there’s always someone willing to sell you that service or product. But you also recognize that every penny counts. Why pay someone $400 a month to landscape when you could do it in four hours on a Saturday? As a small business you have to constantly weigh outsourcing vs personal time spent. You could trim those trees, but could your time be better utilized elsewhere?

That’s why it’s more important than ever to evaluate where you could stand to let someone else take the reins in your business.

Let’s Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It is often said that one of the hardest things to do is to look internally but as a small business owner, I personally feel like being an entrepreneur is constantly looking in a mirror. You are painfully aware of every success and every misstep. And that being said, you are always evaluating where you’re at and where you should be going.

So you probably already have an idea on the areas that you need to focus on more in your business and the areas where you’re spending twice as much time as a professional would, tackling the same problem.

It is the things we don’t have time for and the things we don’t enjoy doing or don’t have the skills to do that we need to outsource to someone who adds value.

And that’s exactly it… you need people who add value.

Outsource some of those ‘hats’ to save you time and stress!

When it comes to landscaping, we have no idea what lengths your hedges should be trimmed or how often to water your grass. But when it comes to design, videos, social media, website upkeep – well, we know exactly what we’re doing.

Let us bring value to your team. Let us start that partnership with you, where you’re involved in the vision and we help you bring it to life.

At a price point you’re comfortable with and with your own personal design team – let Half & Half wear one of your hats!

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