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Transforming complex information into consumable content


What is data storytelling?

Data storytelling is defined as the distinctive art of seamlessly weaving complex information into visually compelling narratives. Our practice ensures that data, information, and processes aren't just presented, but experienced.

We make intricate concepts digestible and transform raw data into captivating graphics, videos, and interactives that engage, educate, and inspire.

An example of data storytelling through a graphic depicting a course development process
How can I use it?

•   Proposals   •   Presentations   •   eLearning   •   Fundraising   •   Reports   •   Marketing & Advertising   •

At Patriot Data Graphics, we combine artistry and strategy to bring your vision to life. Our creative process is a symphony of innovation, translating complex concepts into captivating visuals, and collaborating seamlessly with our clients.

Our Process

Evaluate, review, and understand existing branding, outlines, copy, and documents/ presentations.

an icon showing a hand holding documents representing: evaluate

Meet with stakeholders and subject matter experts to discuss subject matter, content, and desired outcomes. Communication with this team will be ongoing.

an icon showing people with peech bubbles representing: discuss

Define the piece’s objective, audience, usage and why it matters to the final consumer.

an icon showing a agnifying glass with sites in the center representing: define

Design based off of existing branding, content, intent, and team notes.

an icon showing a notepad and a pencil representing: design

Revisions submitted and reviewed by client. Repeat this step until client is satisfied with results.

an icon showing showing a file folder with arrows in a cyclical shape representing: revise

Final deliverable and design file moved into Share Point or electronic filing system for future client use.

an icon showing a file folder representing: deliver
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